Lava Beds National Monument Closed Due Lightning Fires in Modoc

There are currently 15 active fires caused by lightning in Modoc County, burning over 10,000 acres and closing the popular park nearby.

Officials from the Lava Beds National Monument announced the park is now closed due to the nearby fires, which have now joined together to create the July Complex Fire. It continues to burn south of the park’s visitor center and campground and on both sides of nearby Forest Service Road 10. Nearby Medicine Lake is also closed.

The fire which poses the most risk to the park’s infrastructure is the Caldwell Fire, which currently sits just 7,903 acres with the smoke plume visible for long distances. There is also the Dalton Fire (2,500 acres), Allen Fire (800 acres) and Canyon Fire (contained at 100 acres) nearby.

We will continue to update the incident as more information is made available.

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