Lightning Strike Explodes Top of Redding Tree, Sending Debris 150 Yards Away

Wednesday night saw some extreme weather in Shasta County. A strong storm brought flooding to some areas along with a series of lightning strikes throughout the county. And one lightning strike completely eviscerated a Redding tree.

The Redding Fire Department posted to social media to show what happened when a lightning strike exploded the top of a Redding tree, sending debris up to 150 yards away.

More social media photos eventually emerged, showing different angles of the aftermath:

The incident is an example of the danger of a thunder storm and the importance of heeding caution to the warnings of weather forecasts.

“Remember, if you hear thunder, get inside. Avoid open areas; stay away from isolated tall trees, towers, or utility poles; and stay away from metal conductors like wires or fences,” RFD wrote on Facebook.

Luckily, in this incident, no one was injured.

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