NOAA Predicts Warm Spring Temperatures, Flood Risks in Northern California

Lassen Park Snow Removal

The National Atmospheric and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center recently released its 90-day forecast for the months of April, May and June. The verdict? Northern California will see warm spring temperatures with minor risks of flooding.

The revelations weren’t too dramatic, as other parts of the United States like the Midwest could see major risk of flooding this spring. But NorCal will see warmer temperatures following significant rain and snowfall this winter.

Here is the outlook for the entire country:

With the massive snowpack in the Sierra Nevada, NorCal will spend the beginning of spring digging out of snow. Luckily, the forecasts don’t forecast higher temperatures, which could lead to significant flooding. That being said, with the amount of snow currently in the mountains, any storm could lead to flooding this spring.

Of course, this is just an overall prediction and certainly not exactly what could happen this spring. But it’s a welcome forecast, as we’ve enjoyed a winter that has singlehandedly brought us out of a 7-year drought. Now, we can enjoy a sunny spring.

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