Lucky Fisherman Lands Two 40-Pound Striped Bass in One Day on the Sacramento River

Fisherman Johnny Eller had himself quite a day on the Sacramento River last week, starting the day off landing a 40 pound striped bass. But much to his surprise his day wasn’t over, as he was able to top his initial trophy fish with another striper weighing in at 44 pounds.

What. A. Day.

Eller’s first catch was one for the ages and he sent us over a picture of himself and the 40-pound catch, along with a big smile:

But his smile grew even bigger when he bested that initial catch by four pounds later in the day:

We’ve seen a lot of big stripers caught on the Sacramento River, but it’s hard to find someone with this sort of poundage in one day. With just two fish, Eller brought in 84 pounds of striper. What a day.

While Eller may have had the best day we’ve ever seen in terms of stripers caught, the biggest striper we’ve seen still belongs to the legendary Billy Driessen and his 57 pounder caught on April 7, 2018:

Happy fishing, NorCal!

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