Mammoth Mountain is Approaching its All-Time Snowfall Record

The winter season at Mammoth Mountain has been nothing short of legendary. Snowstorms have slammed the region from October through March, bringing a snowpack that is not only impressive, it’s downright historic.

After the mountain’s most recent storm, the Main Lodge has now surpassed 600 inches of snowfall this winter. Their all-time record is 668 inches.

See their announcement:

Although the winter could be coming to an end soon, the snowfall isn’t over yet. Forecasts show multiple storms heading for the region over the next two weeks, and just over 5 feet of snow could bring the resort past the historic snowfall mark. In fact, 50 inches of snow is forecast for the next 10 days.

It’s been exciting to see the massive snowfall at Mammoth, but it has certainly come with challenges. Lifts have been buried multiple times throughout the past month, and road closures throughout the region have made it difficult for anyone outside the region to access the resort.

It’s great to see this beautiful snowpack throughout the Sierra. Keep it coming!

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