Mammoth Mountain’s Mascot is Insanely Good at Skiing

The spring season has arrived in the Eastern Sierra, with skiers flocking from all over the west coast to enjoy the mountain’s famed second season. There’s one particular skier that’s enjoying the spring skiing, and it’s a woolly freaking mammoth.

Woolly the Mammoth (get it?) is the mascot for the mountain and he absolutely SHREDS. He can hit rails, maneuver big jumps and explore all the expert terrain of the mountain. Here’s a look at his skills so far this season:

Not only does Woolly put on a show for onlookers on the mountain, he also takes the time to give back to the local community. Here, you can see him skiing with a kid whose one wish was to hit the slopes with him:

Gotta give it to Woolly, he’s one heck of a skier!

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