MASSIVE 230-Pound Sturgeon Caught on the Sacramento River

Although massive sturgeon have historically traveled up the Sacramento River to spawn on the Pit River, it’s very rare to see one caught by a fisherman. But one of those rare moments occurred this week when fishing guides Mike Rasmussen and Robert Petty, joined by fishing enthusiast Amanda Gradney, landed two white sturgeon including a 7-foot-long, 230 pound beauty.

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Native #whitesturgeon who have migrated up the #sacramentoriver to #spawn their young, have done so for all of history. Prior to #lakeshasta and the #shastadam these prehistoric #fish spawned in the Pitt River in Northern California. Now these #sturgeon found what they need to spawn from Colusa, Ca to Knights Landing, Ca. And that’s where @bowhntrgirl caught this 60.5 inch male white sturgeon. Approximately 75 pounds and nearing 20 years old. This oversized specimen was released back into the river to carry on possibly decades of reproduction! #nature #natures_marvels #wildandfree #wildlife #northerncalifornia #seewhatsoutthere #getoutside #stayoutdoors #gofishing #beaboutit #wefish #riverlife #respectnature #dowhatyoulove #dontbearichard #fishon #keepfishing ……and with only one life to live!!!! #fishitwell

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The group departed from the Colusa boat ramp and headed south near Grimes, California to find the group of sturgeon. They began the day with the massive 230-pound female white sturgeon and after getting some bankside photos, released her back into the river.

The group then followed their huge catch with another 5-foot, 75-pound male white sturgeon:

It was a successful day on the Sacramento River for the group of fishermen and gave the public a rare view of the massive sturgeon that move through NorCal waterways.

This fishing experience reminds us of the time two fishermen found a humongous sturgeon on Shasta Lake:

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