Massive Fish Kill on the Klamath River Believed to Be Caused by the McKinney Fire

Officials from the Karuk Tribe were surprised when they found a massive fish kill between Indian Creek and Seiad Creek in Happy Camp this week. Although much of the information about the fish kill is still unknown, It is believed to be attributed to the nearby McKinney Fire.

Photos shared to social media show a devastating outlook to fish populations in the Klamath River ecosystem:

There is still a lot to learn about this event, but it’s initially believed that a massive debris slide in the burnt area of the McKinney Fire fell into the Klamath River earlier this week. The slide led to dissolved oxygen levels, which killed off the fish in a 10-20 miles stretch of the river.

Wildfires cause many environmental issues, but a fish kill of this size has never been reported in a Northern California fire. We will continue to report on this situation as more information is made available.

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