Meet the Women Who Kayaked 450-Miles from Mount Shasta to San Francisco Bay


The Sacramento River is a vital waterway in Northern California. Bursting out of the rocks below Mount Shasta and flowing all the way down to the San Francisco Bay, the Sac is an important resource to so many different communities and wildlife that call NorCal home.

Recently, three women kayaked then entire 450 miles of the Sac, beginning in Mt. Shasta and ending the the SF Bay. Alyssa Winkelman, 28, Ari Kosel, 28, and Jamie Trapp, 24, make up the trio of women to complete this trek, dubbing their journey the Sac Source to Sea. Their journey, which will be highlighted in an upcoming documentary, will bring to light the importance of the river as well as the challenges it faces moving forward.

Completing the journey in 21 days, the women were able to film the different ecosystems of the river, as well as meet and interview the people who call it home. They dove deep into the various challenges facing the river, including the rapid decline of native fish species and water allocations for different farming communities. The issues surrounding the Sac are complicated, with many different groups needing the river’s resources to survive.

We sat down with Winkelman and Kosel to discuss their journey down the Sacramento River and what issues face the river in the future. Watch the full interview:

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