MONSTER 23-Inch Rainbow Trout Caught on Fall River

The Hexagenia hatch is in full swing on Fall River and fishermen are elated to see the results coming into their boats this summer. The beautiful rainbow trout of Fall River are being caught in spades and one luck fishermen looks like he has the catch of the year so far.

Fishing guide John Fochetti helped his client land the fish of the season on Fall River – a 23.5-inch rainbow trout with plenty of girth. Take a look at the stunning fish:

The length of the fish was certainly impressive, but according to Fochetti, that wasn’t even the most impressive part of the catch.

“To be honest it was more the girth that was impressive,” said Fochetti. “If I had to guess I’d say 16 inches.”

This isn’t even the largest trout Fochetti has landed on Fall River. In 2018, he landed this 25-inch trout that went viral on our site:

Fall River ranks among the longest spring creeks in North America with fishing comparable to other legendary Western spring creeks like Henry’s Fork or Silver Creek. It’s unusual in that public access is limited and fishing it requires a boat with either a small gasoline or electric motor. The river is much too deep for wading and all of the banks are private property. The ecosystem is a virtual bug and fish factory.

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