Monster 30-Pound Striped Bass Caught on the Feather River

A fishing guide service that specializes in Northern California waterways has left its mark on the Feather River with a catch for the ages.

Guide Kirk Portocarrero routinely helps his clients catch big fish in NorCal, but not many as big as the striped bass his client Danny caught on May 8th. Kirk Portocarrero posted an image of a 41 inch, 30 pound striped bass they caught on the Feather River.

Honestly, I didn’t even know there were bass this big in the Feather River. See for yourself:

Here is what he said about the catch:

Danny did it again he’s caught 2 monster striped bass with sacriverguide in 2 weeks. Last week he got a 34 inch 15 pounds, today a 41 inch 30 pounds Big fish

Kirk Portocarrero

We love hearing these amazing fishing success stories. After all, after getting skunked a time or two, it’s nice to dream big for your next fishing trip.

Portocarrero is the operator of Sacramento River Guide which hosts fishing and hunting trips all around NorCal. You can learn more at or contact him at 530-515-5951 or

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