Jet Skier’s Body Found in Folsom Lake Nearly a Month After He Went Missing

Alexander Ham

On April 14th, 29-year-old Alexander Ham of Vineyard went missing while jet skiing on Lake Folsom. Nearly a month later, officials have recovered a body and confirmed it to be Ham’s.

The body was recovered on the lake on Thursday, May 9 when a boater reported seeing a body in the water. Crews later recovered the remains and confirmed the identity following an autopsy.

Photo: El Dorado County Sheriff

The victim was riding jet skis with his friend when the two briefly became separated. His friend found the other jet ski but the missing Vineyard resident was nowhere to be found. At the time, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office called it a “possible drowning” in a press release.

Even the most experienced lake visitors should use caution when traversing the Northern California waterways. The Drowning Accident Rescue Team has spent the past few years educating people on water related incidents in the area, which has seen a decrease in drownings in the area.

Here is an informational video from the Drowning Accident Rescue Team:

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