Most of Klamath River, California ‘Wiped Out’ by McKinney Fire

Rain showers brought reprieve to firefighters working to slow the McKinney Fire in Siskiyou County, but not before the flames completely devastated a community.

As the fire slowed over the past couple of days, officials assessed the damage done by the wildfire that went out of control over the weekend. Unfortunately, much of the community of Klamath River was destroyed in the flames, including four confirmed fatalities.

Over Friday and Saturday, the fire jumped the Klamath River, destroying several buildings including the Klamath River Community Hall and Oaks Mill trailer park. According to Klamath River resident Rodger Derry most of the town has been wiped out, with only a handful of homes surviving the flames.

On Monday, the Siskiyou County Sheriff announced it had confirmed two fatalities in the fire, with remains of people found in a burned car along Highway 96. On Tuesday, two more fatalities were confirmed, which were located at separate residences along State Route 96.

A state of emergency was proclaimed by Governor Gavin Newsom, providing aid to the more than 2,000 residents who are under evacuation orders. The fire is now the largest in California, sitting at more than 56,000 acres.

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  1. I have driven Hwy 96 from One end to the other end of the Hwy many times over the the last 40 years
    To me this was of the best river driven in Northern California. All of the little community along the river will never be the same and not to many people will want to live where there is no trees that is for sure.

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