Insane Video Shows Cars Washing Away in Flash Flood in McKinney Fire Burn Scar

After the McKinney Fire grew to more than 55,000 acres in just a couple of days in Siskiyou County, rains helped firefighters get the flames under control. But when the rain began to fall much harder than expected, flash flooding began in the region and the videos show how intense things got.

Although it was known that flooding had caused a few issues near the town of Klamath River, video posted to social media shows it was much worse than initially reported. One insane video shows full cars being swept away by the flash flood:

It was just another day of turmoil in Siskiyou County. Over the weekend, the town of Klamath River was almost completely “wiped out” by the McKinney Fire. Over Friday and Saturday, the fire jumped the Klamath River, destroying several buildings including the Klamath River Community Hall and Oaks Mill trailer park.

On Monday, the Siskiyou County Sheriff announced it had confirmed two fatalities in the fire, with remains of people found in a burned car along Highway 96. On Tuesday, two more fatalities were confirmed, which were located at separate residences along State Route 96.

A state of emergency was proclaimed by Governor Gavin Newsom, providing aid to the more than 2,000 residents who are under evacuation orders. The fire is now the largest in California, sitting at more than 56,000 acres.

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