Mountain Fire Destroys 7 Homes in Redding as Containment Grows to 60 Percent

In an instance that had many Redding residents experiencing deja vu following the devastating wildfires of 2018, the looming threat of the Mountain Fire had mostly been extinguished by Saturday morning. Firefighters had grown containment to 60 percent in the Jones Valley-area fire and many evacuees were able to return home.

The containment news was a major relief to local residents, although the fire was not without its share of destruction. Seven homes were destroyed in the flames, with nine more outbuildings damaged. And even though the possibility of a fire ravaging a community that was still healing from 2018’s Carr Fire, shifting winds could continue to threaten homes in the area.

Many residents were greeted with the news that they could return to their homes on Friday, but they were warned that they man not have power and need to boil their water.

Mandatory evacuations are still in effect in the following areas:

  • Old Oregon Trail at Oasis Road
  • Kitty Hawk at Bear Mountain Road
  • Bear Mountain Road at Old Oregon Trail
  • Bear Mountain Road at Dry Creek
  • Hwy 299 between Deschutes and Old Oregon Trail
  • Hwy 299 closed at Dry Creek
  • All roads that intersect on south side of Bear Mountain Rd
  • Christian
  • Creek Trail to Old Oregon and all roads that intersect
  • Driftwood
  • Dry Creek
  • Elk Trail East
  • Elk Trail West
  • High View
  • Hwy 299 East at Old Oregon Trail
  • Hwy 299 West at Deschutes Rd.
  • Jones Valley
  • Old Oregon Trail Northbound
  • Ravine Rd
  • Scotts Trail W of Bear Mountain
  • South side of Bear Mountain Rd. to Old Oregon Trail
  • Squaw Grass Trail
  • Wildwood Lane

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