Mountain Lion Becomes Trapped in Classroom of Bay Area School

It was just before 8:30 am on Wednesday when a juvenile mountain lion curiously wandered into Pescadero High School in San Mateo County. Luckily, a custodian saw the big cat and quickly locked it inside the classroom. Now, wildlife officials have the difficult task of trying to remove it from the school.

“The SMCSO can confirm at this time that ALL STUDENTS AND STAFF ARE SAFE at Pescadero High School,” the sheriff’s office shared. “There is currently a mountain lion that entered the La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District grounds.”

A reporter was able to snap a photo of the mountain lion, who was resting inside the classroom:

The young mountain lion likely got lost and wandered into the school, and the situation could have been much worse. If the custodian hadn’t seen it walk into the school, it could have been a student surprised by its presence.

We’ll update the story when it’s announced the cat has been removed.

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