VIDEO: Cliff Jumper Comes Close to Death on 100-Foot Lake Tahoe Ropeswing

We’ve heavily highlighted the 100-foot ropeswing over Lake Tahoe, which has been billed the “highest rope swing ever made.” The videos coming from the band of professional cliff jumpers in Northern California that built the ropeswing and conquered it are stuff of legend. But one video shows you the danger of attempting such an ambitious stunt.

Robert Wall is one of the most talented cliff jumpers in the world, consistently sending massive flip variations all around the world and posting them to his popular Instagram account. So it was shocking to see an extreme athlete of his stature come close to death when he prematurely let go of the 100-foot ropeswing. See for yourself:

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All I can say is I’m happy to be alive. The forces on this swing are so gnarly, and I could barely reach the handle of the rope before stepping off to send it. As soon as I dropped in I instantly knew I didn’t have the grip I needed to complete the full ark of the swing. Lucky I was able to hang on just long enough to make it past the shelf at the bottom while shooting a narrow gap between the rock and the tree as well. Definitely was an eye opening experience. Huge thanks to @brggsy and @fahary for being in the water so fast just incase. Lived to send it another day 🤘🏻📷 @brandonnbeck . . . . . . #cliffjumping #cliffdiving #ropeswing #outdoors #excursionalways #hoagiexpringle #adventure #clifflife #adrenaline

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He almost hit the rock face swinging down at insane speeds from 100-feet above! You can see his concerned lookout crew dive into the water after his tumble (these guys practice insane safety precautions).

Of course, the ropeswing provided some epic highlights as well as scary moments. Check them out:

Also, you can listen to our podcast with the man who built and conquered the ropeswing, Nick Coulter, here.

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