Mountain Lion Captured Outside San Francisco’s Oracle Park

Earlier this week, a video surfaced on the internet of a mountain lion walking through San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood, a rare sight for an area surrounded by cityscape. Today, a mountain lion was captured outside Oracle Park on the other side of the city, raising the question whether it was the same cat.

Officials closed down streets outside the San Francisco Giants stadium on Thursday morning as reports of a mountain lion were coming in to the police department. The big cat was captured by wildlife officials on the intersection of Fourth and Channel streets in the city’s Mission Bay neighborhood.

Since the city has stayed mostly inside due to the Covid-19 pandemic, coyote sightings that were once rare have exploded in the City by the Bay. Now, three different mountain lion sightings have residents on edge as they wonder if wildlife is reclaiming the area they once called home.

Here are a few mountain lion sightings in the city this week:

It remains unclear if any of the mountain lions sightings are the same cat, or if they are all separate animals. Either way, the Covid closures are creating a wildlife frenzy in San Francisco.

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