Visiting a Nearly-Empty Yosemite on the First Day it Reopened After Covid Quarantine

Yosemite National Park reopened to the public last week following more than two months closed due to the Covid-19 quarantine. With their plan to reopen, National Park Service officials only allowed 50 percent of the typical traffic into the park, allowing anyone lucky enough to score a day pass to see the park as empty as it’s been in years.

One of those lucky people to score a day pass was Josh with California Through My Lens, who went to the typically bustling park with his father and enjoyed the perfect summer scenery without the crowds. It seemed like a surreal experience, and one that he was able to capture the entire trip on film.

Watch the above video to see what Yosemite looks like this summer without the crowds. Learn how to get a day pass to Yosemite this summer here.

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