Mt. Shasta Ski Park Reopens with Blue Skies, 70 Inches of New Snow

While the lower Sierra Nevada has seen the brunt of this month’s historic snowfall, Mount Shasta just got hit hard by the most recent storm. During the blizzard that brought 70 inches of new snow to Mt. Shasta Ski Park in just 48 hours, the lifts were buried and the resort was forced to close for two days.

On Thursday morning, the park reopened with a lot of fresh new powder.

With these past few years proving difficult for the ski park to stay open during prolonged drought, this month’s snowfall brought irony to the peak of the mountaintop – there is such a thing as too much snow.

During the two-day closure at the park, the snowplows had difficulty getting to the top of the hill, giving the snowstorm a chance to bury the lifts.

Now, with clear skies in the forecast, the mountain is going to have some amazing riding in the next couple of days. Here’s a glimpse of this morning’s webcam.

With the new snow comes new dangers on the mountain. Although the powder is set to be beautifully epic, the ski park is advising riders to stay on the groomed runs citing “hazardous conditions bottomless powder.”

With sunny skies through the next few day, this could be the bluebird day of the decade at Mt. Shasta Ski Park. Godspeed.

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