Interstate 80 Reopens Near Tahoe Following 2-Day Storm Closure

With the most recent storm capping the historic snowfall of February, the popular stretch of Interstate 80 between Auburn and the Nevada stateline was closed for nearly two full days. Now that the massive storm has passed, the road has reopened to motorists.

The main roadway between North Lake Tahoe and Northern California is a busy stretch of road for skiers and outdoor adventurers looking for a Tahoe experience, but this winter’s heavy snow has closed the road multiple times. When I-80 closes, significant traffic increases are seen at it’s South Lake Tahoe counterpart – Highway 50 – causing significant issues with increased traffic during blizzard conditions.

Caltrans workers have been clearing the road nonstop over the past two days to enable the safe passing of vehicles. Even with the conditions clearing Wednesday, they still had to clear an entire lane of the highway:

The reopening of I-80 will bring some relief to travel concerns in the area, but it may not last long. Following this short break in the weather, more blizzards are set to slam the area this weekend and next week:

Although the road has reopened to most vehicles, the trek will still be treacherous. Here’s what the road looks like on Thursday morning:

Road conditions are easily track with the Caltrans live cameras or through the Caltrans District 3 Twitter feed.

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