Mudslide Severely Damages Roadway Near Olompali State Historic Park

Photo: Olompali State Historic Park

A mudslide in Marin County has caused significant damage to a 100-foot section of Redwood Boulevard, resulting in the closure of the nearby Olompali State Historic Park. The incident took place on Tuesday night, just west of Marin County Airport – Gnoss Field. The affected roadway is located next to the southbound Highway 101; however, authorities have confirmed that the highway is not currently at risk of closure or under threat.

The mudslide has forced park officials to close Olompali State Historic Park, as the damaged roadway is the sole public access route to the park. County officials have also reported that the mudslide has exposed one of the two PG&E gas lines in the area and may be exerting pressure on a North Marin Water District aqueduct. This aqueduct connects Sonoma County to Marin and is essential for water supply.

Despite the damage, both the gas and water lines remain intact, and there is no immediate danger to local residents. The Marin County Office of Emergency Management is collaborating with PG&E to closely monitor the situation and any changes that may pose a threat to public safety.

The closure of Olompali State Historic Park is a significant inconvenience for locals and visitors alike, as the park offers a unique opportunity to explore California’s rich history and natural beauty. With no alternative access route available, park officials are urging the public to remain patient and stay informed about the incident.

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