MUST SEE! Bear Casually Breaks Into Car in Heavenly Mountain Parking Lot

Tyler Silvestri was driving through the Heavenly Ski Resort parking lot on Monday when he saw a big bear wandering around, so he decided to film it and was a witness to how bears break into unlocked cars in Tahoe.

The bear is casually walking around trying all the door handles to find one unlocked. Eventually, he finds an unlocked truck where he casually opens the driver’s side door, grabs something (probably an food item) and runs off.

This video is incredible to watch, but not much of a surprise. Bears are becoming better at breaking into cars and homes in the Tahoe area in search of human food. On June 5th in Tahoe, a bear got stuck in a car and proceeded to thrash it’s interior.

This is the perfect reminder to lock your car in the Tahoe area!

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