Mysterious Sunken Boat Revealed on the Low Shore of Shasta Lake

There have been plenty of historic structures revealed on Northern California reservoirs as water continues to shrink down to historically low levels. With multiple historic towns sitting under the water at Shasta Lake, there have been plenty to explore with this low water. One mysterious sunken boat is recently turning heads on lake, leaving many to wonder what it could possibly be.

Jeremy Tuggle has been posting many of the historic sites uncovered on Shasta Lake, including the sunken boat near Bridge Bay Marina that certainly has a story behind it. Tuggle shared a video of the boat on his YouTube page:

There are many questions as to what kind of boat it is. Here is the explanation of the video from Tuggle:

Bridge Bay Marina’s Sunken Boat Mystery, Shasta Lake, 9-17-2021. Today’s Shasta Lake level is 897.53-Feet elevation wise or 169.47-Feet below the crest of Shasta Dam. This mysterious sunken boat must have a history, and Bridge Bay Marina wants to learn more about it. You might know the answer! What is it?

On social media, many people hypothesized the type of boat and what it could have been used for. The consensus seems to be that it was an old WWII landing aircraft, which was used to gather driftwood on the lake.

Although the drought has been hard on everyone, it’s certainly cool to see historic artifacts that have been underwater for nearly 80 years. Here is a photo of the boat from Tuggle:

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