National Parks Resume Full Operations Following Record Government Shutdown

Following the end of historic 35-day government shutdown that saw National Parks in Northern California struggle to maintain a clean and safe experience to visitors, the parks resumed full operations on Sunday. While it’s possible the shutdown could have lasting effects on the parks, for now we are happy.

Although the shutdown left some parks paralyzed, with many staying open during the political clash with limited resources and experiencing significant trash, human waste and safety issues, the outdoor utopias stayed open. Important government programs will now return to the parks, allowing visitors to fully enjoy their visits.

It was a joyous occasion for federal workers who not only were left with no pay during the furloughed month, but also feared for the well-being of their parks. They took to social media to celebrate the reopening and reunion with their peers:

While it is unclear if we will see another shutdown in the near future, the much-needed staffing of the parks will help restore order in areas that were damaged during the 35-day political fiasco. Ranger-activities will resume, park restrooms will receive proper attendance and trash will be removed from the area.

If this teaches us anything, it’s to thank the commited park rangers at your favorite local National Park!

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