National Weather Forecaster Predicts a Warm, Dry Winter for Northern California

The winter of 2019 was historic for many reasons. Ski resorts experienced record snowfall and the incessant downpour of rain in the valley singlehandedly revived California from a 7-year drought. And although we’re currently basking in the high water levels and green landscape of Northern California, it may not last very long.

Direct Weather has released their national forecast for the 2019-2020 winter and we may see more of the weather that brought us into a drought for the past decade. Most of NorCal, and the entirety of California for that matter, is forecasted to receive below average precipitation, above average temperatures and an overall more dry upcoming winter.

See the national forecasts:

Graphic: Direct Weather
Graphic: Direct Weather
Graphic: Direct Weather

The outcome of this winter will have lasting effects on the landscape in NorCal, including water storage and the health of wilderness landscape. But the most troubling cause for concern is the impact it will have on the fire season for the summer of 2020. The fires of 2018 are still scarred in our memories and we would hate to see a similar outcome next year.

Let’s hope this forecast is wrong and we see another precipitous winter!

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