Netflix Names Weed, California as One of the Funniest Towns in America

Netflix has made a name worldwide by releasing knee-slapping comedy movies and some of the top stand up specials over the past few years. Needless to say, they know comedy, and they think Weed, California is one of the funniest towns in America.

Weed’s popular Hi-Lo Cafe posted on social media that Netflix had named the town one of the funniest in the country and would be picking up the tab on all orders from the restaurant on August 12:

It remains unclear if this is part of a show Netflix is producing or simply a fun marketing campaign, but it’s hard to disagree with the choice. The town was named after lumber baron Abner Weed in the 1800’s but it’s name took on a new meaning for some as the common slang term for marijuana.

Over the past couple of decades, the town has banked on its funny name with numerous gift shops slanging swag with “I Heart Weed, California” on the front. In fact, the town’s brewery, Mt. Shasta Brewing Co., made national headlines with its marketing campaign “Try Legal Weed.”

There’s no doubt that droves of people over the years have giggled at the signs on Interstate 5 near Mount Shasta announcing “Weed” and now Netflix is putting the town on the national map. It’s about time it’s getting the recognition it derserves.

Looking for things to do in Weed, California? Here’s our trip to Pluto’s Cave:

…and our trip to Mt. Shasta Brewing Co.:

…and our breakfast at Hi-Lo Cafe:

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