New Documentary Reveals the Secrets and Superpowers of Northern California’s Redwoods

California’s iconic redwoods are taking center stage in the upcoming feature-length documentary, Giants Rising, set to premiere at the DocLands Film Festival on May 4.

The film, which was directed by Lisa Landers, promises to take viewers on a fascinating journey through the history, science, and cultural significance of these ancient giants. Inspired by a childhood visit to Muir Woods, Landers embarked on a quest to create a comprehensive cinematic experience that celebrates the redwoods in all their grandeur.

“There wasn’t a film out there that told the redwoods tale in its entirety,” Landers explains. “It was always pieces of it, but there was no singular cinematic experience that would delve into the science, the history, our cultural ties to the redwoods, and the unbelievable awe that the trees inspire.”

Watch the trailer:

Giants Rising showcases the remarkable resilience and interconnectedness of redwood ecosystems, highlighting their ability to withstand fire, sequester carbon, and foster unique relationships underground. Through state-of-the-art animations and poignant storytelling, the film underscores the urgent need for conservation efforts to safeguard these invaluable forests.

The documentary also sheds light on the vital role played by organizations like Save the Redwoods League in preserving redwood habitats and advancing scientific research.

“Many of the research and conservation projects that we highlight were made possible, often in large part, by Save the Redwoods League,” said Landers.

As anticipation builds for its premiere, Landers envisions Giants Rising sparking a deeper connection to the redwoods and inspiring greater stewardship of these ancient forests. With plans for continued festival screenings and wider distribution, the documentary aims to ignite a passion for conservation and appreciation for nature’s towering marvels.

Giants Rising will debut at the DocLands Film Festival in San Rafael on May 4, featuring a discussion panel with filmmaker Lisa Landers, Sam Hodder of Save the Redwoods League, Rosie Clayburn of the Yurok Tribe, and redwood geneticist Zane Moore.

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  1. C’mon…. has there ever been a bigger greenwashing campaign than the Save The Redwoods League?!? They are forever nothing more than a mendacious front piece of the robber barons who destroyed our Redwood forests. Read the history and follow the dollars.

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