Yosemite’s Renowned Glamping Sites Reopen After 5-Year Closure

Yosemite National Park is welcoming back adventurers with open arms as three of its glamping sites reopen after a five-year hiatus. Offering a unique blend of wilderness and luxury, the High Sierra Camps provide an opportunity for visitors to explore the park’s stunning landscapes without the hassle of carrying camping gear.

The reopening comes after years of closure due to the pandemic and snowpack conditions, presenting a golden chance for those seeking an unforgettable backpacking experience. Guests can now enter a lottery for a chance to stay at Glen Aulin, May Lake, or Sunrise Camp from June to September.

Situated amidst breathtaking natural beauty, these camps offer the convenience of semi-permanent tent structures or cabins, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the park’s wonders while enjoying comfortable accommodations. Accessible by foot or mule, each camp provides a base for day hikes, allowing visitors to explore Yosemite’s trails with only a small daypack.

While two other sites, Vogelsang and Merced Lake, will remain closed for the 2024 season without explanation, the reopening of the other three camps offers a unique opportunity for adventurers of all ages.

Although guests need to bring some overnight essentials like sleeping bags and headlamps, the ability to leave behind bulky camping gear makes the Yosemite wilderness accessible to a broader range of visitors. With amenities like the Camp Store for essentials and bear lockers for safety, visitors can enjoy the wilderness while ensuring a comfortable and secure stay.

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