New King of Tahoe? Mark Zuckerberg Quietly Purchases $59 Million Properties in Tahoe

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If you drive through any areas surrounding Lake Tahoe, you may come across numerous bumper stickers that say “Keep Tahoe Local.” Now, a 35-year-old outsider from Silicon Valley is looking to snatch up as much property around the lake as he can.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that famed Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought two properties on the west shore of Lake Tahoe for an estimated $59 million and is looking to purchase more in the area. Zuckerberg used a limited-liability company, wealth manager and nondisclosure agreements to keep the purchase of the property under wraps.

Mark Zuckerberg

That’s right – Zuckerberg wants his Tahoe privacy. Oh, the irony.

Carousel Estate. Photo: Tahoe Luxury Properties/

The properties, located just 2 miles outside of Tahoe City, are located on the same street and rumors claim that he is interested in purchasing the third and final compound on the road.

The first area purchased is known as the Carousel Estate, a former wedding venue that has 3.5 acres of land with 225 feet of lake frontage and cost Zuckerberg $22 million. The second is Brushwood Estate, also located lakeside with 6.2 acres going for $37 million.

Brushwood Estate. Photo: Tahoe Luxury Properties/

Of course, this money is small potatoes for the man Forbes called one of the 10 Most Powerful People in the World. Zuckerberg’s net worth is currently around $70 billion and he also owns property in Palo Alto, San Francisco and the large compound in Hawaii that ignited a series of lawsuits between the locals.

Now, the Tahoe locals will have to deal with the billionaire spending his time in the otherwise tight-knit community of Tahoe’s west shore. Likely, he will stay reclusive in the area. With $59 million worth of property on Lake Tahoe, wouldn’t you?

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