New Plan in Motion to Build Trail to Mossbrae Falls

Photo by Leigh Maneri

Mossbrae Falls is the most unique and possibly the most beautiful waterfall in Northern California. Located in Dunsmuir, the waterfall is composed of two primary clusters of spring-fed waterfalls, which reach about 50 feet high and 150 feet wide. The presence of the river beneath the falls enhances the scene and makes for one of the prettiest sights in the Mount Shasta area.

The problem with the waterfall is it’s very hard to access for hikers. The only way to access the falls is by trespassing along an active railway, and visitors must walk within a few feet of passing trains. Several years ago, a sightseer was struck by a train and severely injured.

Now, the Mount Shasta Trail Association is asking for donations to initiate a plan to construct a trail to the incredible waterfall. The plan for the trail, which has made significant progress over the past 18 months, would place a trailhead at the end of the Hedge Creek Falls trailhead and continue to a newly-constructed pedestrian suspension bridge across the Sacramento River. The trail would continue north through a forested area below the train tracks and along the river, ending at Mossbrae Falls.

The final trail would encompass both Hedge Creek Falls and Mossbrae Falls within about a half mile hike.

The Mount Shasta Trail Association is asking for donations to help complete the pricy trailhead, which would include many environmental reviews and the actual construction. As part of the North State Giving Tuesday on November 27th, the association is asking for donations to help complete the project. Donations can be made here or you can go their website and make a donation any time at

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