‘No Swim Advisory’ Lifted on the Yuba River as the Water Returns to Normal Color

The “No Swim Advisory” that had been issued on the South Yuba River just below Englebright Lake in Nevada County is now lifted.

The advisory came after officials noticed a portion of the river had turned yellow, prompting extensive water sample testing for what was deemed to be E. Coli. While they still haven’t received the results of the water samples, officials from the Yuba County Office of Emergency Services now believe the discoloration may have been caused by a mining operation upstream.

It all started on September 21 when officials noticed the yellow discoloration of the river and prompted the swimming closure out of precaution.

When officials returned on September 22, the water looked normal again and the swimming advisory was lifted:

Although we are still waiting the results of the cause of the murkiness in the waters of the Yuba River, we’re glad the situation resolved itself.

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