NorCal Brewery Creates Possibly the Best Craft Beer Can on the Planet

Craft breweries in Northern California have been leading the world for decades when it comes to marketing beer. Breweries like Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas and Anchor Steam have led the way when it comes to creating groundbreaking beers and packaging them perfectly for the consumer.

That being said, one NorCal brewer just released a brand-new beer and it might be the coolest can in the history of craft beer.

Fall River Brewing Co. released its new Numb and Nummer Double Hazy IPA with its name paying tribute to possibly the greatest comedy movie of all time – Dumb and Dumber. The can features a dog van similar to that of the film, immediately catching your eye. Here is the hilarious description of the beer from Fall River:

Just when you think it couldn’t possibly be any nummer, we go and do something like this… and totally redeem ourselves.

Numb and Nummer Double Hazy IPA is bursting with the same tropical juiciness of Numb Numb Juice, but an even richer vibe that causes beautiful people to flock instinctively like the salmon of Capistrano. Even if you’ve got no food, got no job, and your pets heads are falling off, you’ve got Numb and Nummer.

So, make like you’re in Austria, throw another shrimp on the barbie, and crack open another one.

Make Lloyd and Harry proud…Oh look, frost!

Fall River, known for its flagship Hexagenia IPA, continues to turn heads from its location in Redding. Great beer + great marketing = great time. Nice work, Fall River!

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