The Sunflower Fields of NorCal are in a Spectacular Bloom Right Now

Photo by Albert Dera

It’s summer in Northern California, bringing triple-digit heat, sunny days and the longing for the perfect swimming hole (we have a few for you here). It also brings the bloom of NorCal’s sprawling sunflower fields, which attracts visitors and photographers to the North Valley to marvel in their splendor.

The sunflowers are typically in prime blooming season in July, but with little precipitation this spring, the bloom has come a little early. If you want to see these sunflowers, Muller Ranch is popular in Woodland and Pedrick Produce is popular in Dixon. The farms are on private property so please view from the road unless you receive permission from the owners. Here is a complete guide to visiting the sunflower fields.

Visit Yolo County put together this map to show you where you might be able to find some sunflowers in the area:

During this time of year, talented photographers flock to the fields to capture photos in front of the amazing background of seemingly endless sunflowers. Here are some recent photos from the sunflower fields of NorCal:

Active NorCal

Telling the Stories of Northern California

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