Northern California Experienced its 2nd Warmest August in Recorded History

Rafters on the American River. Flickr/Robert Couse-Baker

Did you think it was hot in August? Alright, alright… It’s always hot in Northern California in August. But the National Weather service released a few numbers that show it was even hotter in some areas than normal.

Sacramento and Redding both recorded their second hottest average August temperatures in recorded history. Redding has been recording its temperatures at the Redding Airport since 1986, while Sacramento has been doing it since 1877. Here are the facts from the NWS:

Sacramento recorded an average temperature of 80.4 degrees through August, the hottest in over 20 years and the second hottest in nearly 150 years. Meanwhile, Redding’s average temperature was 83.1 degrees, which is only surpassed by the August of 2017, which had an average temperature of 85.9 degrees.

The meteorological summer (June 1 – August 31) was pretty average in NorCal, with Sacramento seeing the brunt of extended heat during its third warmest period in since 1878. Red Bluff scored the highest temperature of the year with 110 degrees. Here’s the summer heat by the numbers:

History tells us that we’ll begin to see a cooling period in September, but with anything weather related, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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