Watch: Teens Come Face-to-Face with Hungry Bear in Truckee Cabin

Everybody worries about about a late-night breaking and entering, but when its a hungry 250-pound bear, your heart can pound a little harder. That’s the feeling that two teenagers visiting from San Francisco felt when they were surprised by a visitor in their Truckee cabin in the middle of the night.

Hayes Sherman, 15, and Bobby Harden, 15, were watching TV just past midnight when they began to hear loud noises in the kitchen. When they looked down the hallway to see what it was, they encountered a hungry bear ravaging taco meat and ice cream in the kitchen.

“It looks us both in the eyes and it started coming towards us,” Hayes Sherman said to KRCA. “And that was one of the scariest moments, coming face-to-face with the bear.”

The teens barricaded themselves in another room and notified the police, but the bear was not simply satisfied with a meal from the kitchen, and headed to the room where they were hiding.

“The bear was shaking the door and we had to hold it shut,” said Bobby Harden.

Finally, the Placer County Sheriff arrived to open the door and free the bear from the cabin, saving the teens from the incident.

What’s the lesson from this situation? Make sure all doors are closed and locked. Not only is it easy for bears to open unlocked doors, the teens had left the garage door open. Lesson learned!

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