Northern California Man Shoots Bear in His Front Yard After Attack

A Northern California man faced a frightening bear encounter at night on December 8, which led to a tense standoff and a prompt response from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The incident unfolded in Calpine, just northwest of Truckee, when the resident let his dog outside late at night. The dog unexpectedly bolted into the darkness, prompting the owner to follow. A bear emerged from a neighbor’s yard and charged toward him, resulting in a conflict that left then man with bites on his hand, wrist, and leg.

The resident retreated to his house, armed himself with a shotgun and returned outside to protect his dog. In a tense standoff, he discharged the firearm at the bear. Following the incident, the injured resident received medical attention for his bite wounds at a local hospital.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife launched an investigation and located the wounded bear nearby. Unfortunately, the bear had to be euthanized and its remains were transported to Sacramento for a necropsy and rabies testing.

This incident underscores the unpredictable nature of wildlife encounters in Northern California and highlights the importance of being prepared for incidents with animals, prominently in rural areas. For additional information on human-wildlife conflicts with black bears, please visit:

Active NorCal

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    1. A comment about whether a meteor shower will be visible in Houston on an article about about a bear attack north of Lake Tahoe. I’m blaming NewsBreak for this.

  1. Just a few miles from where used to live. We have had neighbors that had bear issues at their homes but we were fortunate to never “see” a bear at our property. Pretty darned scary.

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