Only in NorCal: Surfing, Wakeboarding and Skiing All in the Same Day

The beautiful part about living in Northern California is how we can enjoy the many different environments of California. We have the beaches on the ocean, the beautiful lakes and the snowcapped mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Professional skier Jonny Moseley filmed a trip in California surfing, wakeboarding and skiing all the in the same day. It perfectly illustrates the vast terrain throughout NorCal:

Here is the description of the video:

Most Californians have heard of the Twofer — surfing and skiing in a single day. But why settle for two when you can have three? It’s the California Triple. And that’s the challenge facing Jonny and his friends, big wave surfer Bianca Valenti and pro wakeboarder Josh Twelker. Watch as this trio tries to pack all kinds of awesomeness into a single trip, starting with a sunrise surf session at Pacifica Beach in the Bay Area, through an afternoon on the delta glass, and on up to fresh powder at Squaw Valley Resort in Lake Tahoe. The only question is will they make it before the daylight fades?

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