Ooowee! Brand-New Outdoor Company Offers Guided Trips in Northern California

Have you ever wanted to rock climb Castle Crags? Or maybe ski in Lassen? Or backpack the Trinity Alps? Or climb Mount Shasta? A brand-new company in Northern California is giving back to the community with guided trips like these to inspire people in the great outdoors.

Ooowee Adventures will be using its group of experienced outdoor guides and instructors to lead and energize people through the Northern California wilderness. The upcoming trips currently set their sights on the most popular outdoor destinations in the Shasta-Cascade and beyond.

Marcus Duvoisin began the company inspired by his passion for rock climbing and assembled a stellar group of guides and instructors including Ryan Thompson (outdoor photographer), Kyle Adams (mountain biking guide), Nicaylen Rayasa (backpacking guide) and Garrett Barnes (backcountry ski guide). Each guide will lead their trips and give instruction onsite in the NorCal wilderness.

The best part? The company is offering the trips for just a donation.

“The trips are donation based because I wanted to provide something uplifting and positive for the community, and I have a handful of guides that want to do the same,” said Duvoisin, who is also a teacher at Enterprise High School. “I want to offer what I can to grow the climbing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking and backpacking community. Donate whatever you can afford, I don’t want any road blocks for you.”

Upcoming Ooowee Adventures trips include a Mt. Shasta summit prep, rock climbing at Castle Crags, backcountry skiing/snowboarding in Lassen, a sunset photography wine hike in Castle Crags, a mountain biking tour of the Swasey Recreational Area and outdoor dance yoga at Whiskeytown Lake. You can see a full schedule of their upcoming trips here.

The company also has a youth focus, allowing you to donate gear rentals for kids.

“I see how many students could benefit from having an outdoor outlet like mountain biking in their life, they need healthy influences,” said Duvoisin. “I added a donate option to the website and have raised $300 so far, which isn’t a lot, BUT, that’s enough to take a handful of kids out and rent them mountain bikes and possibly get them hooked on the sport.”

You can donate gear rentals for NorCal youth here.

There are very little opportunities to get this type of instruction and guidance in the outdoors like Ooowee Adventures offers. So tell your friends, send your kids and let’s all experience the outdoors of Northern California together.

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