Potentially Record-Breaking Heatwave Headed for Northern California this Week

Lake Oroville on a summer day

The weather in May has been nothing short of splendid. Except for a few raindrops here and there, it’s been truly a beautiful spring month in Northern California. But after the conclusion of Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer, residents are going to begin feeling the summer heat.

A potentially record-breaking heatwave is heading for NorCal this week, with the National Weather Service issuing an Excessive Heat Watch from Monday through Thursday. Most low-elevation areas are expected to reach triple digits all week:

The sun will roast the valley floor beginning on Monday and build to a crescendo of 107 degrees by Thursday. It will be the first heat test of the summer, one that’s all too familiar for longtime NorCal residents.

The highs for Tuesday through Thursday are all expected to pass triple digits:

For many areas of NorCal, this heat could break some records. The NWS has compared the record highs to the forecast highs and there is a very good chance we’ll see some record-breaking heat this week.

The heat is no surprise for NorCal residents used to the hot summers, but the first heatwave is always the most difficult. It’s important to drink lots of water (for your pets too), use sunscreen and don’t spend too long in the sun. It’s time to dust off those air conditioners.

Here’s the forecast for every region in NorCal:

Active NorCal

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