What’s Open in NorCal? Plus the Lassen Peak Eruption w/Forrest Hopson | Talking NorCal Podcast

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On this episode of the Talking NorCal Podcast, Zach and Bob discuss all the outdoor destinations that are currently open in Northern California (3:35). Then they go through the news of the week including a monster sturgeon caught on Shasta Lake, Union Pacific pledging support for Mossbrae Falls trail, a bald-eagle dying from secondary-poisoning in Redding, white circles in Dolores Park, the mysterious donut-shaped rock in Termo and a NorCal mountain lion video that went viral (15:20). Finally, they are joined by geologist and author Forrest Hopson to discuss the anniversary of the Lassen Peak eruption (40:00).

You can purchase Hopson’s book, Geology of Lassen Country, here.

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