Palisades Tahoe Hits by Record-Breaking 184 MPH Winds Amid Ferocious Storm

If you’re wondering why many Tahoe ski resorts were closed yesterday (and will likely be closed today), look no further than the record-breaking wind fueling the intense blizzard in the Sierra

Palisades Tahoe is currently in the grip of the brutal winter storm that’s testing the limits of the Sierra. Last night, the National Weather Service clocked in wind speeds that are nothing short of historic, with sustained winds whipping at 115 mph and gusts blasting through at a groundbreaking 184 mph. This gust, recorded at 9:15 pm above Palisades Tahoe, now stands as the “strongest wind gust” ever reported in the Sierra.

The storm has enveloped the area in whiteout conditions, especially near the Palisades ski resort, making travel and outdoor activities perilously dangerous. The formidable combination of howling winds and relentless snowfall has drastically reduced visibility and created life-threatening conditions on the roads.

Emergency services are on high alert, cautioning everyone in the Sierra to hunker down and avoid venturing outside unless absolutely necessary. The National Weather Service warns that the storm’s peak, characterized by its fierce winds and heavy snow, is expected to roll on into early Saturday, urging locals to stay updated with the latest advisories and prepare for more extreme weather.

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