Palisades Tahoe, Shasta’s Sunken Ship, and a Forest Management/Climate Change Discussion with Joanna Nelson | Talking NorCal

On this episode of the Talking NorCal Podcast, Zach and Bob discuss the news of the week including S*** Valley changing its name, the proposed name change to Patrick’s Point, KNP Complex Fire in Sequoia National Park, the mysterious sunken boat in Shasta Lake, First snow of the season on Mt. Shasta, a new state-owned outdoor utopia and a the opening of the elevated boardwalk in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods (3:35). Finally, Zach sits down with Joanne Nelson from the Save the Redwoods League to discuss the unique forests of Northern California and how to manage them during our current state of climate disruption (43:27).

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Telling the Stories of Northern California


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