Passengers Freak Out as Rattlesnake Attempts to Climb on Boat in Folsom Lake

That's a weird place to encounter a rattlesnake

We all know where to avoid rattlesnakes – in hot fields with dead grass, under rocks in hot climates – but we never expect them when we are enjoying a nice lake day on a boat.

A recent video went viral when a group of folks took their boat out on Folsom Lake, just east of Sacramento. When a determined rattlesnake wouldn’t give up it’s quest to gain access to this boat in the middle of the lake, the occupants freak out and go full-blast out of that area. The results are hilarious and a bit frightening:

What was that rattlesnake doing out in the middle of the lake? And why did it want access to that boat so desperately?

We don’t know the answers but can assure you this probably will never happen to you. But be careful of rattlesnakes when your on land! Here are the do’s and don’ts of rattlesnake safety.

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