Photographer Captures Stunning Images of Aurora Borealis Over Mammoth Lakes

Every once in a while, conditions give photographers the unique opportunity to capture the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. This week, that opportunity was presented and a photographer captured stunning images of the colorful event in the sky over Mammoth Lakes.

On Sunday night, the Earth’s atmosphere encountered a succession of geomagnetic disturbances originating from the Sun. These phenomena treated residents in the Northern Hemisphere to a captivating display of the Aurora Borealis.

Photographer Dakota Snider used this opportunity to capture some incredible images around Mammoth Lakes, including at Minaret Vista, Mono Lake, and th Hot Creek Geologic Site. Here are the photos he captured.

Fantastic work by Snider! Glad we have dedicated photographers who are always willing to put in the work to capture the rare beauty of NorCal.

If you missed the dazzling display of Northern Lights this week, don’t worry – there are still opportunities to see this stunning natural phenomenon in the next few years. According to space weather experts, there should be at least one or two similarly sized geomagnetic storms every year, and several more could occur annually, causing the Northern Lights to be visible in NorCal.

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