Photographers Capture Spectacular ‘Snowliage’ in Yosemite National Park

The seasons are changing in Northern California, with autumn colors seeing snowfall in the most beautiful way imagninable. The best place to see this changing from fall to winter might be Yosemite National Park, which experienced abnormally dry weather before a few heavy snowstorms. So when the precipitation arrived, views of “snowliage” took visitors by storm.

It was a particularly bright autumn in Yosemite, with the foliage standing out as one of the best seasons in recent memory. As the snowfall hit the bright-colored leaves, the unique “snowliage” was hard to ignore. It looked much more like an autumn in Vermont than a National Park in California.

Photographers came from all over the area to witness this rare phenomenon. Here are some of our favorite photos from a beautiful “snowliage” season in Yosemite:

Active NorCal

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