Police Body Cam Footage Shows Life-or-Death Evacuation During Camp Fire

During the climax of the record-breaking Camp Fire in Paradise, officials scrambled to evacuate as many people as possible in the midst of the dangerous and fast-moving flames. The best example of these frantic evacuations were at the Feather River Hospital, where nurses and doctors scrambled to get patients to safety.

Now, police body cam footage is showing the apocalyptic views that were seen in person by the evacuees of the hospital. See the video:

Here’s the story: Butte County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Parmlet thought he may not survive when he went searching for four nurses at the hospital during the fire. But as flames and dangerous embers surrounded him, Parmlet was able to find the nurses and evacuate them to safety.

This whole ordeal was shown in the body cam footage released by the Butte County Sheriff. Parmlet’s car broke down on Pentz Road and he continued looking for the nurses on foot. When he found them, they were able to load into a vehicle and escape the flames.

The scene is hard to watch, especially considering the fact that not everyone made it out alive. A BIG thanks to Deputy Parmlet and his bravery in the face of danger.

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