Popular YouTube Channel Searches for the Giant Salmon and Stripers of the Sacramento River

MeatEater has become a popular outdoor lifestyle brand with a passion for adventure and wild foods, as well as a strong commitment to conservation. Their YouTube page has amassed more than a million followers, and their most recent episode explores some of the fish that make Northern California’s Sacramento River so unique.

Teaming with local fishing enthusiasts, the MeatEater crew descended on NorCal to fish for the Chinook salmon and go underwater to see the giant striped bass of the river. Here is a description of the episode from their YouTube page:

This week, Cal is back in California’s Sacramento Valley. This time he’s dropping below the surface of the Sacramento. At first it may look obvious that Salmon are at odds with stripers, but could that just be what’s on the surface? Join Ryan Callaghan as he fishes for Salmon and Striper while diving in deep on the water issues that have plagued this area for decades.

Although this section of the Sac may be less familiar to the people living in Far NorCal, where fly fishing for wild rainbows is the preferred form of angling, it’s interesting to see what goes on underwater on the Delta region of the river. This area is preferred for bait fisherman, and landing one of these massive salmon or bass can be the catch of a lifetime.

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