“Potentially Historic” Avalanche Reported on Mt. Shasta

The guys at Shasta Mountain Guides hiked up to Avalanche Gulch on Mount Shasta this morning to find an interesting scene. The remnants of a massive avalanche were sitting around 7,200 feet on the mountain, with a 30-foot wall of debris as the main evidence.

Although the avalanche was not seen, the giant mound of snow sitting on the mountain tell a story of a possibly historic avalanche. It registered as a D4 avalanche, which is one notch away from the largest. The Mount Shasta Avalanche Center took to social media to discuss the incident:

“We think this D4 whopper in Avalanche Gulch on Mt Shasta occurred during last Wednesday’s rapid warming event following several feet of snow overnight,” the Avalanche Center wrote on Facebook. “Debris 30’ high and terminus at 7,200 feet. This potentially historic avalanche ran several miles and nearly 4,000 vertical feet.”

Avalanches are measured on a D scale, with D1 being the smallest and D5 being the largest. Thankfully, no one was on the mountain during the dangerous event.

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