Mammoth Mountain Breaks 30-Year-Old February Snowfall Record

This winter’s incredible snowfall at Mammoth Mountain has been covered worldwide. After all, they do have the most snowfall in North America. And now, their February snowfall is headed for the record books.

With over 22 feet of snow at the top, Mammoth broke their record for most snowfall in February. The record was set in February of 1987.

To put the heavy snowfall in perspective, they broke the record in just 16 days. They took to Twitter to celebrate:

Mammoth Mountain boasts the most snow in the country. With all that snow, the resort has announced they will stay open until July 4th of this year.

So far in February, the mountain has received over 22 feet of snow and has received 446 inches of snow on their summit so far this season. This is the highest number of any resort in North America.

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